Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t all the seats available?
We try to make sure we have a mix of shows across our year – some have broad audiences and others are more niche, some will sell out and others will sell 50% – 70% of the seats available. We noticed that for those show that didn’t sell out we had a problem –the audience would be spread out and areas of the auditorium would feel bare. While we always aim to sell everything we can, we don’t always hit 100% – we have a strong belief that the experience of live theatre is improved by an auditorium being full – being around people also enjoying the same experience – if we can’t do that (which we can’t for everything) then we ensure a great experience by making sure that the auditorium feels busy.

No one likes looking at empty seats so, as people tend to look forward and to the side during shows and rarely behind them, it means it made sense for us to try and get people further forward in the auditorium through a combination of locking the back of the house at first and changes to our prices. We’ve been doing this at Theatr Clwyd for the last 5 years and, on the whole, and for the large majority of our audiences, it has improved the experience.

In terms of seating availability, we review availability on a weekly basis and release seats when demand requires it (we aim to have at least 150 seats on sale for all show to ensure people have options). All this is really helping us with our longer term sustainability ensuring that we can keep bringing world renowned companies to our stage.

I’d like to bring a show to William Aston Hall?
Great! We’d love to have a chat – we discuss all programme options and look at their viability in relation to our audience and our community but also to make sure that we have a good mix of events. If you drop an e-mail to

I have an outstanding refund due from the previous operators VMS?
Prior to Theatr Clwyd taking over the running of William Aston Hall, the previous operators went into administration as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. You’ll need to contact the previous vendor who you purchased your ticket from.

Previous ticket providers were:

• Eventim - 0333 344 625 or click here
• Ents24 -
• Ticketmaster -
• What’s On Stage -